Kevin Kelly

2008/10/07 at 8:50 pm Utzi iruzkina

Kevin Kelly was born in Pennsylvania in 1952. Apart of being a photographer and a conservationist, he is also, the executive editor of a magazine called “Wired” and a former editor/publisher of the “Whole Earth Catalog ” too. Kevin Kelly knows a lot about the digital culture.

Because of his big reputation as an editor of “Wired” magazine, sometimes he is noted as a participant an observer of “cyberculture ”. He has also publicated his writings in “The New York Times”, “The Economist” “Time”, “Harper’s Magazine”, “Science”, “Veneer”, “GQ”, and in “Esquire” too. He has publicated a book too.

Kevin Kelly appeared in 29th of July in television, predicting the next 5000 days of the web. He said many interesting things and details that are explained above:

Internet it is a huge instrument where we can find everything we need. As the years go on, we can find more different things. All this stuff has came exactly in 5000 days; and we have to think that ten years ago couldn’t imagine that all this would happen. So in conclusion of that, the first lesson of the web is that “we have to get better in believing the impossible”.

As Kelly says, they are  getting computers, mobile phones etc. in one machine. This machine is a global machine and it is the most reliable machine ever made.

Kelly calculated that 100 billion chicks are done per day all around the world and that there are 55 trillion links between all the web pages in the world. He also gave some interesting piece of information like this: 2 million emails are sent in a second, 65 billion phone calls are done per year, one million IM messages  are sent in a second…. Those pieces of information show us the importance of the web.

Kevin Kelly said that this is a huge machine that uses the 5% of global electricity on the planet (an exciting information).

Is important to know that the size of this machine is so complex; is similar to our brains; as he says, the web works like our brain does. Nowadays, this huge machine is like  one human brain but this increasing and 30 years from now, this machine will be as six billion human brains. To sum up, by the year 2040, the web will exceed the humanity in processing power. And this fact will carry different consequences with it:an embodiment (personification),  a re-structuring and a  co-dependency.

As I have said then, the web will own every bit (cameras, microphones, etc.); everything is connected to the web.

Kevin Kelly says another thing that is so extraordinary; he says that there will be an union (convergence) of the atomic and the digital (something that we couldn’t imagine years before). In one  hand, elated with the phenomenon of the web, he makes a conclusion: “Machines are the extension of human senses and human are the extended senses of the machine”.

On the other hand,  connected with the re-structuring, he mentions: the “linking computers ”(the net); they had green screen and to connect to internet you had to connect to one computer to another one. The linking pages (the web) and the third one is the linking data; here every noun is supported by the all web.
Finally Kelly says that the web will be something different from now, and that it is going to be smarter, more personalized and more ubiquitous too.
It is going to be more GLOBAL.



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