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On the web we could find answers to a huge range of questions. This is possible because of the extraordinary quantity of information which is obtainable online.

Question answering, well known as QA, is the assignment of answering a question which is presented in natural language. The QA computer have to answer to the posed question; for that matter, the QA computer program will use a pre-structured database or a collection of natural language documents. Both options are possible.

Question answering research makes a shot at dealing with an ample coverage of question types including fact, list, definition, how, why, hypothetical, semantically-constrained, and cross-lingual questions.

We have to distinguish “Closed-domain” question answering and “Open-domain” question answering.

The first one, “Closed-domain” question answering does a deal with questions under a particular field (for instance, medicine), while the second one, the “Open-domain” question answering does a deal with inquiries about almost everything. The “Open domain” question answering can solely trust in general ontologies and also in world knowledge.

On the Web we have the opportunity to find many Question Answering systems; some of the most important and famous are:


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