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Bruce Springsteen Working on a Dream

This new album called “Working on a Dream” is the twenty-fourth album of Bruce Springsteen (The Boss) and it has been released on Columbia Records. This is also the fourth collaboration between Springsteen and Brendan O’Brien. At the time of the recording, the E Street Band has collaborated too, with the professionalism of always. “Working on a dream” was recorded during the Bruce Springsteen’s and the E Street Band’s Magic Tour 2008. 


  The new great album of The Boss includes the following songs:

“Outlaw Pete”, “My Lucky Day”, “Working On A Dream”, “Queen Of The Supermarket”, “What Love Can Do”, “This Life”, “Good Eye”, “Tomorrow Never Knows”, “Life Itself”, “Kingdom Of Days”, “Surprise, Surprise”, “The Last Carnival” and the Bonus track, “The Wrestler” ( an amazing song which won the Golden Globe and will probably win the Oscar).

 I think that “Working On A Dream” is one of the best albums of Bruce Springsteen. I like especially the song “The Queen Of The Supermarketbruce21”; an emotional great song full of melody. In addition, I have to mention another song called “My lucky day” a song with a lively melody and full of energy. In this new album, Springsteen has put together a variety of great songs which show us the energy that this band have.

 Moreover, this summer Bruce and the great musicians of the E Street Band are going to Come to the Basque Country (Bilbao) to  perform in San Mames Stadium in 26th july.

This is going to be a great event. So now the only thing that we can do is:  wait for the day in which The Boss and his band will  make his fans dance and sing!!



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