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Information Extraction (Questionnaire 2)

As Jim Cowie and Yorick Wilks say, this name (Information Extraction) is given to a process that discriminatively structures and also combines data found in only one, or more texts. The ending outcome of the process of extraction changes; nevertheless, it can be transformed in order to populate some database type. Information analyst who have worked long run on particular assignment have already carried out information extraction manually with the main of database creation.

The importance of Information Extraction is determined by the huge amount of information available in a badly built form; internet is a good example of this fact. Those unstructured information can be made more accessible by transforming into relational form or also by marking-up with XML tags. To transform unstructured data into something that can be reasoned with, is required Information Extraction. (gehiago…)


2009/03/28 at 5:51 pm Utzi iruzkina

YORICK WILKS & MARTIN KAY (Questionnaire 1)

In this article I’m going to talk about some relevant researchers in the area of Human Language Technologies: Yorick Wilks and Martin Kay. Even so, we should have in mind that apart from those two, there are also other significant researches. For example: Hans Uszkoreit, Fabian M. Suchanek and Silviu Cucerzan.

Yorick Wilks works as a Professor of Computer Science at Sheffield University. There, he directs the Institute for Language, Speech and Hearing. He has been teaching and researching also at Stanford, Edinburgh, Geneva, Essex and New Mexico State Univesities. So he has worked hardly and traveled a lot. It’s important to mention that among other participations, he’s a member of the European and American Societies for Artificial Intelligence; so it’s clear that apart from having interest in the computer processing of language, knowledge and belief, he also has concern over artificial intelligence. At the OII, known as Oxford Internet Institute, he will be going after a project that consist on the possibility of machines having recognizable personalities. (gehiago…)

2009/03/08 at 10:34 pm Utzi iruzkina

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