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CiteUlike and Google Books


CiteUlike is a famous free online service which is used to arrange academic publications. It was put on the Internet in 2004; exactly by the time its creator was enclosed to the University of Manchester. CiteUlike is designed concretely for the necessities of both, scholars and scientists. The site is maintained by Richard Cameron, in the University of Manchester.

It is a system which is open to any person who permits to maintain, negotiate and share on the internet references of scientific and technique documents. The references are captured by means of a marker of favorites which is installed on the navigator and that extracts the bibliographic data which appears on a particular web page.



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Automatic Summarization (Questionnaire 2)

Automatic summarization is the formation of an abbreviated version of a text, made by a computer program. The main objective of automatic summarization is the following:  first, to take a source of information. After that,  to draw out the contained substance from it and finally, to present the major content to the user in a summarized way. And of course,  in a sensitive way taking into account the users’ needs.

Because of the phenomenon of information overload, we know that the access to  solid and properly-developed summaries is essential. One of the examples we have of the use of summarization technology, is a search engine called Google.

Those technologies have to bear in mind the length, the writing-style and the syntax, in order to make a useful summary of any type of text. (gehiago…)

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