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KEVIN KELLY: The 5,000 days of the Web (the first debate)

In this video of Kevin Kelly we can see what has happened in this 5,000 days since the web exists. The web is the most reliable machine. 50 years ago it was imposible to believe that the web will exist and it will have this importance. We have 100 billion clicks per day and 55 trillion links. This means that everyone is in the web! We know that 2 million emails per second are sent and that 65 billion phone calls are made every year. Our brain is not doubling in power every two years! The machine is the same as one human brain so in 30 years the web will exceed humanity in processing power. This could have three consequences:

  1. Embodiment. Every thing is connected to the machine, is like a black hole. It will own every bit. The objetive will be the union between atomic and digital. It is known that machines are the extensions of human senses but in fact, humans are the extended senses of the machines: a trillion ears, eyes, touches….
  2. Re-Structuring. Nowadays we can get all the information we need by the Internet but it means that we can be found too. They can know who are our friends and were we live too! So Internet can be useful and dangerous at the same time.
  3. Co-Dependency. We are always on. There are a lot of programmes we use to find things in the web but one of the most important is Google. We can find our phone number if we want too! Google wants to create an Al. But the question is: When 6 billion people use google who searches whom? The answers is that we are the web. So in 5,000 years the Web will be smarter, more personalized and more ibiquitous. We will be in the middle of this reliable machine, the global machine, the one!

So watching this video and after reading this article we can guess the conclusion: THE ONE IS US!


Group members: Aida Aguilar, Amaia Aristondo, Cristina Andrés, Cristina Águila, Begoña Arechabaleta and Irantzu Alonso.


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